Duck every which way: Nanjing’s passion for poultry

Nanjing, China (CNN)It's of little consolation to the many birds who visit Nanjing never to leave, but the Chinese city is largely unmatched for its deep appreciation of the duck. Here, every body part is savored. From chin to chest, from head to heart, from flesh roasted and stuffed in dumplings to blood congealed in … Continue reading Duck every which way: Nanjing’s passion for poultry

Make the Ultimate Pound Cake

Need an easy dessert that will still impress? With a pound cake, the possibilities are endless. Scatter it with fresh berries, garnish it with sweet cream, or drizzle it with chocolate sauce and you’ll see: it’s beloved for a reason. As the name suggests, pound cake was traditionally made with equal parts butter, sugar, eggs, … Continue reading Make the Ultimate Pound Cake